Our training staff come to your home or office in the South Eastern Suburbs, Melbourne, Victoria. Even if you’re outside of the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria, we can arrange for casual computer sessions, courses or seminars. We specialize in computer education for seniors.

You choose a time that works for you, and we set up an appointment to come and see you. Here we discuss what you want or need to learn and how we can help you achieve that outcome. So whether it is for; improved skills in the workplace, family & friends and fun, or skills to make everyday life a little easier, Cyber Seniors Computer Training can help you.


  • Your trainer will suggest a lesson plan to suit your needs.
  • Your trainer will confirm with you a booking time and date for your first session.
  • You will get personalised training that is relevant to what you need/want to learn about computers.
  • You learn on your own computer, unless you don’t have one, in which case your trainer will provide one for the duration of the session, at no additional cost.
  • You are the only student, unlike in a traditional classroom environment; therefore, the trainer’s time is devoted 100% to you and your needs. Effectively removing the competition for the teacher’s attention.
  • We don’t have “regularly scheduled” courses. When you’re ready to learn, call us, and we’ll set up an appointment.
  • You can choose: Informal “Q & A” sessions where you can ask anything you need to know, or take a complete course from start to finish.  Or, if you’re working on a special project, consider a “SMART Start Project” session. All formats are available with an instructor who comes to you to conduct your session(s)
  • You trainer adapts to your learning style, needs and wants. So you are always in control. You tell the trainer if you want to skip ahead, to speed up, or to spend a little more time on one particular thing, as you wish.
  • Learn at your own pace. Take as long, or as little as you like. Your trainer will move on to the next topic when you are ready.

We work with all skill levels, from absolute beginners to power users. Our trainers excel at breaking down tasks into simple, step-by-step processes to make your learning easy!

Convenient, Customized, Cost-Effective Computer Training!

“You’ll never struggle to keep up,
or waste time waiting while others learn concepts
that you already know.”

“You can learn exactly what you want to learn,
at your own pace, on your own computer,
at a convenient time.”

“Learn what you want, when you want!”

The Cyber Seniors Computer Training Mission Statement

Our mission is simple: we want to give you the skills to be confident and productive in using your computer, and to open the gateway into the technological age, empowering you to better communicate with the world around you.

If you feel intimidated by computers, or if you use a computer on a regular basis, but feel that you could be performing tasks more quickly and easily, we are here to teach, encourage, motivate, reassure, and instill confidence.

So you can look forward to the sense of accomplishment you’ll get when you turn on your computer and expertly accomplish tasks that you thought only computer geeks could do!

The Cyber Seniors Story…

OK, you’ve got me – I’m a geek. A computer geek, that is, not a science nerd who has blown up the garage, singed off her eye brows and made the family cat disappear. Although that would certainly liven up our training sessions!

I come from a generation that was fortunate enough to still be in school when computers were just starting to take a hold of the world. But wait: There was a time… long ago, that I was a regular human being, like you. I didn’t know a thing about computers.

How did I learn to use the computer?  In school, family and friends, colleagues and through trial & error. One of my friends “showed” me:  “It’s easy – just click here and here and here and then open this menu and click here and then type ‘xyz’ and click this and drag it here and drop it, press Tab and Ctrl-V and Ctrl-S and print.” What?!?!?

But gradually, I took more courses, experimented more, and learned more.  Until the day I realized:  “I’m a geek!” But here’s the good news: I remember every frustrating failure; every humiliating “Please, just show me one more time”; every gut-wrenching “How do I do this again? I know I should know how to do this by now”.  It’s good news for you, because it means that you don’t have to go through it! I started Cyber Seniors Computer Training because I know what it feels like to have someone grab the mouse out of your hand and “show” you how to do it. I remember being sure that there was an easier way, but never getting around to looking it up or figuring it out. I felt intimidated and lost when I’d ask for help.  Our instructors are completely familiar with these feeling too.

I love running a computer training business where students beam at their trainer after a session, with relief written all over their faces and eagerness to get into it and try out their new skills. The best part is, seeing the newly developed confidence they have in themselves, knowing that they have conquered the computer. A task that is, for so many people, an unthinkable nightmare. Our students aren’t suffering through days of deadly courses wondering “What am I doing here?” They’re taking the mouse by its tail and letting their fingers dance on its head! They are taking the controls! No more daunting classrooms with 15 other students, all in similar positions, all wondering if there is anyone in the room who knows less about computers than they do…

Instead, they’re learning relevant skills in a fear-free environment, and painlessly, working on their own computers, at their own pace. Our students are in the driver’s seat, holding the mouse in their own hand, and feeling comfortable, confident, and competent.


At Cyber Seniors Computer Training, your instructor is a teacher first, and a computer geek second.  Yes, we know our stuff – and we can teach it to you. We’ll help you make new connections!





About Me

My name is Kylie Vink, I am the founder and owner of Cyber Seniors Computer Training.  With over 20 years experience with computers, over 12 of those years include industry experience; I have successfully completed Certificate IV in Business Administration Studies, Train Small Groups and have extensive experience in computer tuition. I’ve witnessed, countless times, the overwhelming relief expressed by those I’ve helped to learn how to use a computer. And I encourage you now, to take that desire to learn, that intense curiosity, give me your fears and let me show you that you too, can conquer computers!

My Story

My first introduction to computers was through school, when I was 9 years old. Using a program called LOGO, the object was to enter commands into the computer which then enabled a small icon called Turtle to draw a picture on the screen. It was simple, fun, and something that made school that little bit more enjoyable. Now at 39, I think back and the days of no computers in my life seem like a dream. Having used computers in my later primary school years, and extensively in high school they have become second nature to me. We got our first computer in 1994 and today in 2018 there are 8 computers in our home. I really do need to sit back and think of a time when computers played no part in my average day. My earliest childhood memories, before computers, were of growing up in a small town called Tynong in the South East of Victoria. Playing with my best friend, who was 4 years my senior, we would run all over town and play up at the park, climb the trees, play with the animals and tease the other neighborhood kids. Back then, we weren’t interested in anything else but fun times in the great outdoors. We preferred skipping ropes and trampolines instead of computer games and Play Station consoles.

High school was a turning point for me, where computers are concerned. I studied a subject called Information Technology, or Info Tech for short. Much of my school work was typed out and printed using a computer, not just from Info Tech, but other subjects too. I remember my school book-list included the required item of a disk, on which we would save our work, this disk is now obsolete, in fact, they don’t really sell computers with the drive to read such disks anymore. Now everyone carries around a USB Memory Stick, this is the item now on the school book-lists, along with a tablet computer.

My first real experience of The Internet was in 1998, I was studying. I had to do some research, and here I discovered the books in the library were not the only source of information. The Internet was the new toy of computer geeks everywhere. Now there was no turning back, the world as I knew it was changing. Everything became wwwdotgohere@seethisdotcom.

My story is not uncommon, most people, I’m sure if they think back can remember a time in their lives when there was no… Computer, or no television, no microwave, no mobile phone or no cars. Technology changes so fast, if you blink you may miss it, and it does get overwhelming and it does pass people by and leave them behind.

At 39 years old, I’d have to say computers have featured in majority of my life and been a primary tool which I have pretty much always used. I find them easy, because my exposure to them has been so consistent, and because I have grown up using them, and I have experienced what they can do for me, and what I can do with them. Personally, I love computers, I use them daily in my work, and I use them daily in my play, email, online games and surfing the Internet.

A New Passion

It was in 2001 at my local TAFE Institute that I discovered a new passion which combined computers and teaching others. I was in the process of obtaining that little piece of paper which says I can actually do what I say I can do… you know the one you need to get the job you want, the qualification. I was so bored in that course as I already knew the content. I completed the work well before the teacher expected and I ended up helping the other students through their work. Soon the other students knew they could call on me when the teacher was busy, and not long after that I was offered an opportunity to tutor other students who were struggling with their computer course work. I did this role for the duration of my time at the TAFE, about 18 months. Through word of mouth advertising I picked up other students who I assisted to learn computers, and who I taught various aspects of computer software and usage. I teach family, friends, colleagues and anyone else who wants to learn. I’m was often at my Oma’s (Grandmother’s) place showing her this and that, what ever she wanted to know. I taught her how to email, except I forgot to tell her where the ‘spacebar’ key was… A story for another day! My Oma, in her late 70’s started using a web camera and VoIP!

One student, Sarah, a 53 year old lady who was unhappy in her job working part time in a factory. Sarah wanted to change careers, she wanted to work in an office but was struggling to get a foot in the door because of her level of computing skills. I worked with Sarah on her computer skills and after about 4 or 5 weeks, Sarah called me practically screaming down the phone in excitement. She’d been offered a job in an office, just like she wanted. Sarah told me over a coffee that following week that in her interview the boss had asked her a question about computers and she was able to answer it because of the work we’d been doing on her computer skills. It’s results like that which encourage me.

I believe that you are never too old to learn new things, but you will never know if you do not try, apply yourself and work at it…

I hear and I forget
I see and I remember
I do and I understand.

~ Confucius~


Kylie Vink

Cyber Seniors Computer Training
Mob: 0424 275 184
24 Stone Rd N
GEMBROOK, Vic 3783


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