Cyber Seniors Computer Training

“Welcome to Cyber Seniors Computer Training, an individually tailored learning solution. At Cyber Seniors we offer a one-on-one tuition in computer use and software applications. Geared towards maximizing the benefits of personalised training and removing the ‘fear factor’ often associated with new technology.”

Our computer training is designed specifically to cater for the 50+ senior members of the community. Most of our students are over 50, but you don’t need to be a senior to take advantage of our services.

Our goal is to teach you computer skills to;

  • Make life a little easier and more enjoyable
  • Save you time
  • Keep you connected to family, friends and the outside world
  • Challenge you
  • Keep your mind active

We offer beginners, intermediate and even advanced sessions.
Regardless of your current skill level, we can teach you. If you are a beginner and don’t even know how to turn the computer on, or an avid e-mailer looking to improve those skills, you might even be a seasoned computer user, just wanting to update your skills, Cyber Seniors Computer Training can help you.

Are you afraid of technology? Are you scared of the computer age?
There is no need to be afraid, once you start with Cyber Seniors Computer Training you’ll be saying “How did I ever do without a computer?” Don’t be scared of computers;Take the mouse by its tail and let your fingers dance on its head.

You are in control, and you set the limits, travel at warp speed through cyber space, or let the waves wash over your feet as you test the water. Don’t be left out of the digital age —

Email your family and friends

Design greeting cards

Pay your bills online

Surf the Internet

Shop online

Bank online

Digital photos

Buy/sell on eBay

Visit foreign countries

Check insurance rates and

Stay in touch with loved ones

All without leaving the comfort of your own home.

Cyber Seniors Computer Training is all about learning at your own pace.

If you’ve tried computer classes before and found that they are;

  • Too fast paced?
  • Have too many people in the class?
  • Don’t have enough contact time with the teacher?

then give us a call!

We provide;

Tailored sessions,
A dedicated trainer works one on one with you
At your pace
In the comfort of your own home.

Computer’s aren’t really for me!
Our research shows that seniors who actively participate in social and brain stimulating activities often fend off depression, loneliness, and have an improved mental acuity. Click here, to take a look at some of the sites and services available to seniors online, to see just how widely this fact is believed.

What’s that you say? “I don’t have a computer?” Don’t let that stop you.
Cyber Seniors Computer Training can provide a laptop for your use for the duration of the session.

“But I’m not a senior”
You don’t have to be a senior to train with us; you might just prefer the self paced learning experience and one on one attention that Cyber Seniors Computer Training provides. While most of our students are over 50, many are not, the great thing about training with Cyber Seniors Computer Training is that our trainers adapt to your learning style and your pace.

Give us a call on 0424 275 184 or Email us.

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