Fees and Payments


A standard computer training session is 1 hour long, although this does seem to go quite quickly, many people prefer to book 2 hour sessions, and save a little money at the same time. 

The cost of sessions varies depending on the duration, content and location of the booking. It is best to contact us to get a price and determine the current lead time.

When you book a session, there is a minimum appointment time of 1 hour. Time over the minimum will be billed in 15 minute (1/4 hour) increments.

Group bookings are available and in many cases encouraged they promote the ability to learn with friends, other family, or club members, therefore reducing the fear factor often associated with learning computers. Group bookings are also a great way to share the cost of the sessions and can make it more affordable.

The cost of a group booking depends on the no. of participants and session requirements. Please call Kylie on 0424 275 184 or Email Us to discuss your group booking.

We provide resource materials & notes to assist in the learning process. Students are encouraged to purchase binder or similar folder to keep their notes, handouts and completed work organized for future reference and a USB Memory Stick also known as USB Flash Drive to use during sessions.

We provide a range of computer repairs and maintenance services, no call out fee, so you save money. Give us a call, whether your issue is with software (the programs on your computer) or hardware (the physical components of your computer), we can fix it. We will come to you at your home or office. If we have to remove the computer from the premises we will also bring it back, at no additional cost to you. And just for your own piece of mind, if we can’t fix it you are covered by our No Fix, No Charge Policy. So give us a call today and let us get you back on your (key)board and surfing the net!

Gift Certificates are available upon request. Minimum spend is $20. A great gift idea for those hard to buy for loved ones. You could tell your family “I would like a Computer Training Gift Certificate for my birthday!”

The Lifeline Phone Support card is a convenient “pay-as-you-go” way for you to get answers when you need them, without making appointments or committing to set time frames. Available in 30 minute and 60 minute cards, they are great for those frustrating times when you wish you could just call a help desk… well now you can.

Do you need to buy a new computer tablet or smartphone but aren’t sure what to get?

Stop worrying and let us do the hard work for you. Our Cyber Tech Shopping Assistant service is a hassle-free way to avoid the shops and sales consultants and keep their commission in your pocket! Inquire today, we can take you shopping (or at least meet you there!) or get us to do the leg work for you and save a bit of time, money and energy by sourcing some great deals, specials and alternatives out there.

Fees are charged when the Cyber Tech Shopping Assistant accompanies you to or meets you at the shop(s).

Fees are charged where bookings are cancelled within 24 hours of the appointment time. The cancellation fee is $25. To avoid cancellation charges, please inform your trainer of your intention to cancel your booking within 24 – 48 hours of the appointment time. This way we are able to fill your place in the schedule with someone on the waiting list. Please phone 0424 275 184 to cancel bookings. Your booking is not considered cancelled until you have received written or verbal confirmation from your trainer.


Payment is due the day of your booking. Please have payment ready to give to your trainer upon completion of your session. If you are paying with a gift certificate or a discount voucher, or if you require change on the day, please inform your trainer in advance.


Direct Transfer – Please quote payment with your customer ID number and Invoice number as given to you by your trainer as reference for payments. i.e. VINK01-INV01.
Bank account details are available upon request.

Cash – Correct amounts are appreciated; please advise your trainer in advance if you require change to be available.

Cheque & Money Order– Please make cheques or money orders payable to; Cyber Seniors Computer Training or Kylie Vink.

Please Note: there is a $10 charge in the event of a dishonoured cheque. (This fee is subject to change without notice, we do endeavour to keep this information as up-to-date as possible.)

We cannot accept debit/credit cards. Cyber Seniors Computer Training apologises for any inconvenience caused by this. However we do look forward to being able to offer this payment method in the future.

Cyber Seniors Computer Training offers a money back guarantee on all prepaid sessions. Providing that cancellation occurs a minimum of 24 hours prior to your scheduled booking time, no cancellation fee will be deducted and a full refund will be made. If cancellation occurs within 24 hours of your scheduled booking time, a cancellation fee of $25 will be deducted and the remaining fees paid will be refunded.

Cyber Seniors Computer Training offers a money back guarantee on unused Computer Training Gift Certificates. However, only the original purchaser of the Gift Certificate can request a refund, not the recipient.

There is no refund on Lifeline Phone Support Cards, as they do not expire. You are able to let your friends and or family use your credit on them, as long as you have previously authorised that person by calling us to let us know a) The name of your friend/family member who will be using your Lifeline Phone Support Card and b) Informing us of the level of access to your Lifeline Phone Support Card – Full Access, Limited Access or Once Only Usage.

Terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.


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