Hardware and Software
Computer Parts Land

Great prices here for pretty much all your hardware and software needs. The service is not fantastic and thereis often a fair wait but the prices make it worth the visit. Look for the Green Guide link on their website for information on range and prices.

I.Q. Technology

Trade in Dandenong South and out of the Dandenong Market, Victoria, Australia. They also sell out of Dandenong Market and The Caribbean Gardens Marker. Fantastic prices on ink cartridges, blank DVD’s and CD’s to backup all your data, movies and music.

Scam & Hoax Reports

Australian Government Scam Watch website

Australian Competition & Consumer Commission

An invaluable first port of call for any and all possible scam & hoax issues relating to the Internet. You can phone them up to speak to someone directly, or view the content on their website to find more information about a possible scam or hoax.


Internet Service Providers
Broadband Guide

A helpful site when thinking about getting the Internet connected, upgrading your existing Internet Service, or looking for a better deal.

General Information
About Seniors

A whole array of information about seniors, for seniors. Check out the latest on this valuable site for seniors.

Seniors Health and Aged Care
Aged Care Australia

Providing a valuable resource for seniors about their health and caring for seniors.

Commonwealth Respite and Carelink Centres

Commonwealth Respite and Carelink Centres are information centres for older people, people with disabilities and those who provide care and services. Centres provide free and confidential information on community aged care, disability and other support services avaliable locally, interstate or anywhere within Australia. The network of 54 Commonwealth Respite and Carelink Centres has around 64 ‘walk-in’ shopfronts throughout Australia. Many shopfronts are conveniently located near, or within shopping centres.

Search Resources
Australia Post – Post Code Search

Don’t want to have to lug those hefty White Pages printed books out of the cupboard just to find one postcode? Here’s your solution, a quick reference postcode site by Australia Post.


A quick reference site allowing access to both international and national online versions of Yellow Pages, White Pages and The Trading Post. This site also serves as an Internet search engine home page, by Sensis, the people who bring you the White and Yellow Pages.


Never get lost again, with this fantastic site which shows maps, gives directions and highlights various points of interest. Plan your trip before you leave and  know step by step how to get there.

Government Sites
Centrelink Age Pension

Far better service than in the Centrelink Offices

Seniors Insurance
Australian Pensioners Insurance Agency

We’ve all seen the ads on TV! Now you can search their website for all the answers to all those questions you have.

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